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The remarkable recovery of the American fireman!

Throughout his whole life, Matthew Patterson was a model American citizen. A good husband and father, he worked to save the lives of others in his role as a fireman, based at a fire station near Philadelphia.

When out of the blue catastrophe struck…
From that date his mode of transport has been a wheelchair!

At the age of 55, he had begun to experience pain in the back, the elbows and the legs. But in the USA, health care is prohibitively expensive for a humble fireman. Matthew simply buckled down and continued to work, despite the pain.

But when he reached the age of sixty, the pain became intolerable, and with the utmost reluctance, he was forced to give up his job. His doctor rapidly diagnosed an extremely serious case of polyarthritis. They tried all the traditional treatments, but the results were hardly encouraging. The pain was so extreme that Matthew Patterson was effectively condemned to spending the rest of his life in intolerable pain, and to travelling around in a wheelchair.

A genuine miracle!
It was in fact Mrs Patterson who saved her husband, when she read an article in the “Natural Medical Post”. The article that drew her attention, in the renowned journal of natural medicine, the “Natural Medical Post”, outlined the many health benefits associated with the use of shark cartilage.

This article offered the opportunity for a number of extremely sick patients to take advantage of this new type of painkilling treatment, in exchange for their objective views on the real benefits. Mrs Patterson accepted without a moments’ hesitation.

From that moment, a new life began!
After just 10 days of treatment, Matthew’s state of health was already visibly improved. The pain had reduced considerably, and he was able to move around without the help of his wheelchair.

45 days later, and to the great surprise of the doctors, all the pain had completely vanished. Matthew was able to walk around effortlessly, and even to bend down and pick objects up from the floor.

For Matthew, a whole new life has begun: he is once more working at the fire station, training recruits, and he can once again indulge in his favourite passion: fly fishing, which demands an immense degree of suppleness and mobility from the joints.
And Matthew has become a celebrity! He has taken part in a large number of Radio and TV shows, where he revealed the story of his remarkable recovery, and there is even a book in the pipeline!

“I would advise anyone to try the free trial offered by the Arthritis Institute. I certainly did, and in less than a week my back and leg pain had vanished. My life has completely changed thanks to Shark Cartilage & Squalene. At the age of 75, I almost feel like a young man again.”
…Mr. B.C. Isle of Man

“I can feel that I’m almost completely healed! Since I started using Shark Cartilage & Squalene, my knees no longer crack, and the pain has almost totally vanished.”
…Mrs M.D. Birmingham

“I’d been suffering for over 10 years. What an incredible relief it was when I started using this! The pain started to diminish from the first day, and in the end it disappeared altogether. I’ve got a new life, and it’s great! If only I’d discovered Shark Cartilage & Squalene sooner.”
…Mrs C. Cardiff

“I have a friend  badly crippled with arthritis who after 3 days using Shark Cartilage & Squalene started to feel an improvement and now after 6 weeks can walk quite freely. I have osteoarthritis and would like to try some. Please find enclosed an S.A.E. for your information pack.”
…Mrs M Adams. Penzance

“I used to work as a ski instructor, and my joints have certainly paid a heavy price! And yet, using the Shark Cartilage & Squalene treatment, I could really feel my joints becoming suppler, more solid, and considerably less painful. My knees are now as solid as they used to be, and I’ll be back on the slopes as soon as the season starts!”
…Mr. J.J. Glasgow