Extracts from an interviews with professor g. stevens...

Professor G. Stevens (a top shark cartilage specialist) has been working on shark cartilage and its beneficial effects on joints for over 30 years. A theorist, but also a practitioner, he outlines below the results obtained in real cases.

Why do worn joints cause so much pain?
Prof. G.S.: We must distinguish between 3 phenomena... 

Firstly, there is natural wear and tear caused by the demands we place on our joints throughout our lives. It is for this reason that many sports champions choose to protect their joints with shark cartilage.

Secondly, over the age of 50 our bodies no longer produce enough chondroitin or glucosamine, both of which are essential for the production of cartilage. This means that cartilage is inadequately replaced, or not replaced at all. Joints then become less efficient, and frequently painful. 

Thirdly, cartilage is subject to illness (rheumatism, osteoarthritis…) resulting in decreasing suppleness, lack of movement, malformation, but above all pain that is often intolerable.

How can shark cartilage help us?
Prof. G.S: Shark cartilage really is an extraordinary product. It is 100% natural, easily assimilated by the human body, and has no side effects. Its high mineral salt content, including silicon, helps to re-mineralise the cartilage and slow down the damage. Shark cartilage is also extremely rich in chondroitin and glucosamine, 2 essential components for maintaining the good health of cartilage and synovial liquid, and which also possesses extremely powerful pain-killing properties. 

Could you tell us what you have personally observed in treating your patients?
Prof. G.S.:  The first effect is the rapid suppression of pain, without any side effects. Next, the shark cartilage reconstructs the cartilage of the joints, giving them back their lost suppleness. For all these subjects, whose lives were marked by suffering, the changes really were dramatic: they were able to lead full, normal and happy lives again.

Is it the same from any source?
Prof. G.S: No. The Shark Cartilage in our capsules is obtained under license from the Government of New Zealand, from Sharks that have met an accidental death. This specific Shark Cartilage contains the highest protein and muccopolysaccaride levels available, and is far more effective than shark cartilage from non-regulated suppliers.

Is there any difference between Glucosamine in Shark Cartilage and that available on its own from health stores?
Prof. G.S: Yes. The Glucosamine in Shark Cartilage is different to Glucosamine Sulphate etc. Glucosamine Sulphate is a chemical mix of Glucosamine & Sulphate and typically only contains 50% Glucosamine – 1000mg Glucosamine Sulphate contains only approx 500mg of Glucosamine.

The Glucosamine found in Shark Cartilage is in its natural form with all its co-factors i.e. proteins, mucco-polysaccarides, mineral salts, amino acids, etc. Although there may be mg for mg less  Glucosamine in our Shark Cartilage than any chemical Glucosamine absorption and utilisation by the body will be much higher and thus more effective by using Shark Cartilage. Typically you would have to have at least 5 times (and more like 10) the strength of the chemically made Glucosamine to compare it’s effectiveness in the body to Shark Cartilage.

Only Shark Cartilage contains EXACTLY the proven quantities, grades and ratios found to be effective in  clinical trials & only Shark Cartilage worked consistently for a whole range of arthritic, joint & muscle problems.