shark cartilage with squalene to the rescue of damaged joints...

If you suffer from Arthritis or Rheumatism, or if your Joints are Stiff and Worn, find out how Shark Cartilage with Squalene can Free Your Life from Pain

- Relieves chronic pain
- Eliminates inflammation
- Reconstructs cartilage
- Reinforces the immune system
- Increases energy & stamina
- Normalises the bowel
- Balances hormones

Indisputable Proof
Published in the Journals of International Research of Medicine, the results of the scientific studies carried out in Europe and the USA on Shark Cartilage and Squalene are extremely illuminating and go far beyond anything we imagined.

Other studies carried out in France, Germany & Sweden on patients suffering from acute arthritic pain are unanimous and confirm Shark Cartilage & Squalene reconstructs worn cartilage and restores articular functioning in the majority of patients who have taken it. Infact over 750,000 cases of recovery after using Shark Cartilage & Squalene have been officially recorded in Europe alone. 

The results with Shark Cartilage & Squalene are spectacular, since pain can completely vanish after just 2 days of treatment!
- Total or partial suppression of pain in 97% of cases. This is the highest percentage ever recorded in any study of joint pain (even those using traditional treatments).
- In 72% of cases performance of the joints improved!
- 100% success in the reduction of oedemas! Joint pain is often accompanied by severe swelling, which increases pain even further by compressing the flesh. The active ingredients contained in this formulation make them vanish entirely!
- Boosts the immune system 2.8 times effectiveness.

In Conclusion...
- Relief from mild-acute pain in as little as 30 minutes
- Lubricates & restores mobility to the joints
- Rebuilds cartilage naturally
- Restores the fluids that cushions bones & joints
- Relieves swelling quickly & permanently
- Repairs damaged tissue
- Reverses the damage without drugs or risky surgery
- No prescription required
- Medically proven to end suffering
- Halts wear & rear dead
- Eliminates stiffness
- Ends painful inflammation

You can now understand just why Shark Cartilage & Squalene increases the suppleness and stamina of joints and tendons - prevents and avoids articular deformation and seals and heals damaged joints.

The Amazing Powers of Squalene
Squalene is an incredible antioxidant, the strongest form of which comes from sharks, and is very beneficial to osteoarthritis sufferers amongst others.

It is also found in low quantities in olives and olive oil and may be a reason most Mediterranean cultures do not suffer arthritis like us in the UK.

Not only does it improve and facilitate the healing of worn and damaged cartilage thereby alleviating pain from arthritis, it also reduces joint inflammation and swelling associated with arthritis. As well as being individually beneficial to arthritis sufferers (like shark cartilage), squalene has many other very important health benefits:

A. Squalene increases oxygen uptake capacity and reduces blood lactate levels. It allows sharks to thrive in deep waters where oxygen levels are poor.

B. Squalene inhibits growth of cancer cells. Various studies suggest that Squalene can help prevent as well as fight established cancers because it stimulates macrophages (the strongest immune cells) and rejuvenates and activates cellular repair. It has also been shown to enhance the antitumour effect of chemotherapeutic agents without side effects.

C. Squalene helps to keep our skin soft and healthy and its antioxidant capabilities help to protect us from the harsh effects of the environment.

D. Squalene has been shown to reduce the joint swelling and inflammation associated with gout.

Finally, supplementation is important for anyone taking statins for cholesterol control. Just as statins reduce natural CoQ10 levels in the body they also reduce squalene levels.