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Professor G Stevens - Director of Research - Uniscience Institute - San Francisco

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Up until now, there have only been two solutions available to deal with this painful problem.

1). “Dose yourself up” with prescribed anti-inflammatory and cortisoid treatments. These types of prescribed treatments have unpleasant side-effects, but have no effect at all on the actual damage done to your body; this means that at best they can only provide temporary relief.

2). Undergo surgery to replace your worn joints with plastic prosthetic joints or the like. I’m sure we don’t need to remind you of all the implications of surgery…

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- Relieves chronic pain
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For the first time ever there is a product that really can make your joint pain vanish, and not only that… it actually rebuilds and regenerates your damaged cartilage and renews your joint health. This 100% natural product has no side effects whatsoever - it contains the two Ultimate Natural Weapons in the fight against arthritis and degenerative diseases: Shark Cartilage & Squalene.

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“The Medical Miracle”...that can stop, reverse and even cure osteoarthritis. A revolution is under way. A real treatment for arthritis has been discovered: 40 years of medical research throughout the world have shown that 2 nutritional supplements – Chondroitin and Glucosamine from Shark Cartilage – can stop, reverse and even cure osteoarthritis.

“Rheumatoid Polyarthritis”... The cause remains unknown, but it attacks several joints at the same time, causing inflammation of the synovial membrane as well as destruction of the cartilaginous cells. It is the most common form of inflammatory rheumatism. Shark Cartilage helps to relieve the pain and to halt the progress of the illness…

“Cancer - An Immense New Hope!”...A scientific study has demonstrated for the first time that patients suffering from cancer as well as other types of tumours can be successfully treated with Shark Cartilage, which stimulates the immune system and acts as an angiogene inhibitor. Dr Prudden has demonstrated tumorous regression without any of the debilitating effects associated with chemo, irradiation or surgery.