relief from pain, plus the flexibility you thought had gone forever!...

Arthritis? Rheumatism? Inflammation? Tendonitis? Lack of Mobility?  Swelling & Stiffness?

I, Dr. Paul Hobson, have been a doctor for more than 30 years and have written this article because of IMPORTANT research and findings I want to share that have helped thousands of my patients here in Switzerland, with their joint problems.

When the impossible suddenly becomes possible, we almost dare not believe it. Curing an illness like Arthritis which many doctors and pain specialists believed incurable, has today become reality!

Yes, this cartilage destroying illness can be slowed down or stopped and can now be permanently vanquished by natural means, without prescription drugs or surgery!

Throughout my long career as a specialist never before have I seen such an amazing metamorphosis as that observed in my patients who have taken this long term.

My own work confirms all the findings on the two key ingredients - Shark Cartilage & Squalene, discussed on this site. Both have proved extremely successful on their own for alleviating arthritic problems, but months of experimentation with the combination and various ratios of the two, has found the results of this combination to be up to FIVE times more effective than when either was used individually.

For the very first time we really can restore cartilage (which was thought to be impossible!) and permanently eradicate pain from arthritis, rheumatism and much much more!!! …without the slightest risk.

Yes, YOU can find immediate relief from pain and stop the damage from any further development - thanks to this revolutionary discovery. It truly gives stunning results. The appauling pains currently making your life a misery need soon be no more than a distant memory.

If you suffer from any of the previous ailments or any other form of arthritis then the breakthrough combination of Shark Cartilage & Squalene will bring you rapid relief from pain and help restore the flexibility and freedom of movement you probably have thought had gone forever.

Sadly if you suffer from arthritis or from any other condition adversely affecting your joints you will be only too familiar with the pain and misery these conditions inflict. Now, though, there is an incredible combination of natural compounds that can relieve pain within days, lubricate and restore cartilage bringing freedom and mobility into your joints and life.

As you have read so far, these two components from sharks not only help arthritis sufferers but also have many other amazing health benefits. Throughout your life, your joints and cartilage are constantly subject to high levels of daily wear and tear. It is therefore perfectly understandable that this should ultimately lead to deterioration and discomfort.

Up until now, there have only been two solutions available to deal with this painful problem.

1). “Dose yourself up” with prescribed anti-inflammatory and cortisoid treatments. These types of prescribed treatments have unpleasant side-effects, but have no effect at all on the actual damage done to your body; this means that at best they can only provide temporary relief.

2). Undergo surgery to replace your worn joints with plastic prosthetic joints or the like. I’m sure we don’t need to remind you of all the implications of surgery…

Now, for the first time ever there is a product that really can make your joint pain vanish, and not only that…it actually rebuilds and regenerates your damaged cartilage and renews your joint health.

This 100% natural product has no side effects whatsoever and  contains the two Ultimate Natural Weapons in the fight against ageing and degenerative disease I have talked about: Shark Cartilage & Squalene.

How do the two super-active ingredients in Shark Cartilage stop pain and regenerate your joints?
Extremely rich in mineral salts, Calcium, potassium, magnesium, silicon - shark cartilage naturally contains more than 40 mineral salts and other vital elements! But its exceptional effectiveness in stopping pain is due to its ratio of two super-active ingredients: Glucosamine & Chondroitin.

Shark cartilage Stops pain...
Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated beyond any shadow of doubt that patients treated with glucosamine experience a reduction in pain of between 75 and 100%! One study even indicates that its effect in relieving pain is superior to that obtained using traditional treatment.  What’s more, the beneficial effects last 2 to 3 times longer.

Shark cartilage Regenerates worn cartilage...
It halts degeneration, and stimulates production of the cells of which the cartilage is composed. It represents a genuine revolution in the treatment of joint pain. For the first time ever, and without any surgery, cartilage can actually be rebuilt, thus stopping pain at its source. After just a few weeks of treatment, your joints will feel like new!

A PAINKILLER, yes !… but also:
There are further beneficial effects on your health:
• Shark cartilage boosts your immune system. Shark cartilage reinforces and develops your own natural defences. This means increased resistance to illness and better overall health.

• Shark cartilage plays an important role in fighting certain eyesight problems associated with ageing.

Extract of shark cartilage is a genuine natural miracle for everyone over the age of sixty.