frequently asked questions...

Here are the answers to 6 of the most frequently asked questions concerning the incredible painkilling and regenerative properties of SHARK CARTILAGE

1. Question - How does shark cartilage actually work? 
• Answer: Shark cartilage contains the same molecules as the cartilage in your own joints. They have anti-inflammatory and analgesic roles, as well as an important role in the reconstruction of worn or damaged cartilage. In addition, shark cartilage also acts as a general stimulant, helping you to strengthen your natural defences and immune system.

What’s more, shark cartilage molecules with their mineral salts, proteins, amino acids, mucopolysaccharides, glucosamine and chondroitin occur in the same ratios as found in human joints. Because of this, our body is able to produce new cartilage (and thus synovial fluid) far quicker than with non-natural components

2. Question - How should I use it shark cartilage to best effect? 
• Answer:  Shark cartilage is extremely easy to use: simply swallow 2 capsules per day with water, preferably in the morning at breakfast time.

3. Question - Are there any side-effects from taking it? 
• Answer: No, shark cartilage is 100% natural and has no negative side effects whatsoever. On the contrary, shark cartilage provokes none of the stomach pain associated with traditional anti-inflammatory treatments.

4. Question - Who will gain the most benefit from shark cartilage treatment? 
• Answer: Anyone who suffers from joint problems, whether osteoarthritis, arthritis or rheumatism, since the cause is usually the same:- worn and damaged cartilage. By stopping pain and reconstructing the cartilage, your treatment will help you to rediscover joints that are more supple and more stable…joints that feel like new.

5. Question - Why is shark cartilage so amazingly effective?
• Answer: Partly because of its natural origin, which enables the active ingredients to take effect more rapidly, and partly because of the effective combination of painkilling and regenerative ingredients.

6. Question - How does shark cartilage inhibit cancers? 
• Answer: Shark cartilage contains a substance that significantly inhibits the development of blood vessels that nourish solid tumours, thereby limiting tumour growth.

Our shark cartilage is obtained under licence by the Government of New Zealand, from Sharks that have met an accidental death, having being caught up in trawler drift nets in the normal course of their fishing. The Government of New Zealand monitor the boats very rigorously  to ensure this and their policy is for the unfortunate victims to be recycled where possible rather than thrown away. The grade of Shark Cartilage supplied, contains the highest protein and muccopolysaccaride levels available, and is more effective than non regulated shark cartilage suppliers.