why you simply cannot ignore prostate problems...

Warning Symptoms:
- Getting up more than once every night to urinate
- Sudden, uncontrollable urges to urinate
- A need to frequently urinate
- Slow or dribbling urination
- Slow to start to urinate
- Want to urinate but cannot
- A bladder that does not feel empty
- Pain whilst urinating
- Reduced sexual interest and ability

- Di-hydro-testosterone (DHT) congests the prostate gland
- Prostate gland enlargement constricts the urethra
- A constricted urethra causes bladder infections
- Incomplete bladder emptying causes infection and pain
- The larger the prostate the faster the multiplication of abnormal cells
- The higher the number of abnormal cells the higher the risk of cancer
- Prostate gland enlargement restricts vital nutrients to the penis

Dr Alan Bladyne: Director - The Prostate Research Institute - has specialised in overcoming Prostate Problems for more than 20 years and advises below on the options available and his personal recommendations.

It's often said that the only certainties in life, are death and taxes. For men you could also add "prostate problems". Indeed, If you are a man over 40 and don’t already suffer from a prostate gland disorder, the odds are 2 to 1 you will before you are 55, and then it is downhill from then onwards.

Life in the Bathroom!
The Scenario: You spend more and more time in the bathroom - with ever-decreasing results when you get there. Instead of a strong, steady stream, the best you can do is dribble. You're constantly worn out because you never get an uninterrupted night's sleep. You're also experiencing (or soon will) problems during the day. You can't go anywhere without worrying about what the local WC arrangements are!

As a doctor who has experienced first - and the devastating effects that these prostate problems can have, I am going to share my experiences and remedies. Hopefully I can prevent or alleviate your concerns that this small ‘walnut-sized’, but very troublesome gland, can bring. After you have finished reading this, you will fully understand the need to restore and retain a normal healthy prostate gland.

Two Schools of Thought
There are two schools of thought for prostate problems - conventional medicine of either drugs or surgery, and traditionalists (like myself), who favour more natural remedies. Although I have been trained in conventional techniques I am a firm believer in using natural remedies rather than drugs or surgery.

Is this any wonder given the side effects I have seen on men who have visited me subsequent to “Turps” operations and from using drugs (drugs often have debilitating side effects, and surgery typically leaves 70% of all patients impotent.)

It is deeply upsetting that my profession inflicts impotence, loss of sexual sensation urinary incontinence, loss of libido ‘reverse’ ejaculation and other bad manhood depriving consequences, unnecessarily.

To make matters worse, painful, turps operations invariably have to be repeated a few years later.

Natural Solutions
By providing your prostate with the essential nutrients it needs, it is possible to normalise the size and ‘texture’ of your prostate gland. Whilst a few men can be helped with just one or two natural ingredients most men require a combination of several active ingredients for lasting reduction and normalization of their enlarged prostate gland.

Indeed the specialist formulation I use and recommend has evolved and improved over some 20 years and has been a best seller in the UK, Europe and USA for almost a decade now.

Unlike some other formulations it contains all ingredients I have found effective – and at the grades and quantities found necessary to be effective in clinical trials and studies. 

Prost-8 Supreme in my opinion is the most comprehensive formula available to treat all forms of prostate  problems.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – be one of those men who do not have their lives controlled by their prostate and the need to urinate. Take control of your urinary needs, regain the sexual youthfullness of years past, and stop concerning yourself about this would be irritating little gland.

With the special combination of all natural ingredients in Prost-8 Supreme I can guarantee you will soon feel and act many years younger once more, as your prostate gland gets the nourishment it requires to remain a normal size.

Sex & Prostate Health
Regular sexual intercourse is essential to sexual health. Unfortunately a decline in sexual activity also relates to a rise in prostate problems. The congestion that occurs in the prostate when it is not allowed to ejaculate, causes inflammation and the prostate gland suffers with the associated swelling.