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The Prostate Owners Manual - Overcome Prostate Problems
The Complete Guide to Alternative and Conventional Therapies

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"Thank goodness for informative books like The Prostate Owners Manual on such sensitive male subject matter. It contains excellent advice and comprehensive sources of information, written in a sympathetic way. With the facts and solutions for all manner of prostate related problems you will find in this book it is a must read for both men and their partners." Bruce Parker - Mens Health Today

"Essential reading for all men" - Recommended by Susan Clarke, Health Editor, Sunday Times.

"In this day and age it is about time that we started talking about one of the key health issues men face, especially as we reach middle age. After all, prostate health is the key to preserving sexual potency and our virility. The Prostate Owners Manual in my opinion is a complete guide to alternate and conventional therapies for all prostate gland related problems. Whilst my preferred route is natural supplementation and Karen reviews the active ingredients comprehensively she also explains the pros and cons of conventional medicine without bias - A MUST READ book for all men, and women concerned for their man." Dr Alan Bladyne - Prostate Research Institute, Phoenix, Arizona.

About the Prostate Health Manual
In this 196 page book the well respected health writer Karen MacKenzie author of many health and other books, covers the diagnosis of the three main prostate problem areas - Prostatitis, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (Prostate Gland Enlargement) and Prostate Cancer. She follows that with discussing some forty conventional tests and solutions for these conditions followed by recommended Lifestyle changes for each condition. A truly up-to-date work that also has a comprehensive section of useful addresses and is a must read for all middle aged men in particular, and should be read by young men also to minimise their future prostate problems. Visit to obtain your free copy with your order.