solutions for all consequences of prostate problems - Enlargement, prostatitis, frequent urination, weak bladder and more...

Prostate Problems DO NOT GO AWAY...If Left Untreated They Get Much Worse! As Dr. James Balch, M.D., Urologist says: “Taking Care of Your Prostate Is Taking Care of Your Manhood”

Every MAN Deserves a Healthy Prostate - Stop getting up at night & urinating too often during the day
Prostate problems may seem as inevitable as grey hair & wrinkles, because 80% of men over the age of 45 experience prostate problems, but you do not have to become a prisoner to your prostate gland.

Why am I writing about this?
Because this is your invitation to try the most established natural product, proven to provide Prostate relief in the UK and possibly the world.

Since its introduction in the UK almost 20 years ago it has become a brand leader due to its phenomenal success rate in normalizing prostate gland size in over 87% of men. Unfortunately when you visit your doctor you are highly unlikely to be offered the chance to treat your prostate gland enlargement with this wholly safe, proven, treatment option.

Europe Treats It Naturally
This is because unlike other European countries including Germany, France, Scandanavia and Italy, where natural treatments are recommended before drugs or surgery, doctors in the UK are taught to prescribe drugs (or surgery) having only some 4 hours of training on natural remedies during their 7 year medical courses! The side effects of drugs or consequences of surgery that requires operating through the penis are a risk there is no need to take. Why should you risk impotence, incontinence, loss of sexual sensation, etc, when you can simply take a natural product proven over many, many years, by the men who take it daily.

Clinical, tests and studies in the USA & Europe that have  been reported in numerous medical journals about the ingredients within this 100% natural product confirmed that men suffering from an enlarged prostate were able to REDUCE its size and totally or substantially reverse symptoms.

This meant the following symptoms, many of which may be familiar to you, were HALTED…
- Getting up once or more to urinate a night
- Sudden and 'uncontrollable' urges to urinate
- Reduced urine flow
- Slow to start to urinate
- Dribbling
- Wanting to urinate but cannot start
- A bladder that does not feel empty
- An uncomfortable pain whilst urinating

Thanks to leading neutraceutical laboratories in the USA & Europe that have studied the results of the various clinical trials etc and put together the foremost natural product to treat this debilitating condition, you too can REVERSE PROSTATE GLAND ENLARGEMENT without drugs & definitely without surgery.

Yes - drugs and surgery and all the possible adverse complications can be avoided, simply by "feeding" your prostate gland the correct nutrients and their required quantities to maintain or regain its normal size and texture. 

You will no longer need to suffer the pain or embarrassment caused by the enlargement of your prostate gland which are due to changes in hormonal factors as men age.

- 100% Natural
- Safe & Effective
- Comprehensive Formulation
- No Prescription
- Results 100% Guaranteed

Shrink Your Prostate Gland Restore Normal Erections Too
At around aged 30 a man's body starts to increase the production of the hormones Di-hydro-testosterone (DHT) and Estradiol, as well as reducing the amount of testosterone it generates.

These are the factors that cause congestion and enlargement of the prostate and growth of ear and nose hair, plus man-breasts. Reducing the amount of testosterone available to produce these changes is part of the key to successfully normalising the size of the prostate gland.

Where many formulas fail however, is because they do not include ingredients to retain levels of the protein "sex hormone binding globulin" (SHBG) that is bound to testosterone. The more SHBG that is bound the less that is available for hormone conversion to DHT and Estrodiol.

As your prostate gland enlarges it restricts the flow of vital nutrients to the muscle and tissue of your genitalia, gradually reducing the ability to have a sustained erection and the size of your erect penis.

It is thus imperative a prostate formula has the necessary and proven ingredients to overcome all these consequences and regain / sustain a normal sized healthy prostate gland.

Prost-8 Supreme - Not Just Any Prostate Supplement
Many formula's contain the well proven active ingredients Saw Palmetto, Beta Sitosterol, Pygeum Africanum, Zinc, Lycopene, specific Amino acids, although unfortunately many not at the quantities and grades proven in the trials and tests to be needed to be effective, or most readily absorbed by the body.

Not only does Prost-8 Supreme contain all these ingredients at the necessary quantities and grades required daily, it also contains others that many formulas do not contain, e.g. Bee Pollen, Cernilton, Panax Ginseng, and Nettle Root. Then you have the ones they are very, very unlikely to contain which include Chrysin, Epilobium, Genistein and Bioperine. Of course there are also the basic vitamins & minerals such as Vitamins A, C & Copper, that help to balance and ensure the body’s effective assimilation and utilisation of all the active ingredients.

To see a full list of ingredients and their functions see the Ingredients section.

Be Assured of its Amazing Effectiveness
As mentioned previously, the name of the product with all these credentials is Prost-8 Supreme, and we invite you to try this product without financial risk. Dr Alan Bladyne who recommends this product is personally guaranteeing you fill feel and see the benefits - read full details of his experiences here.

Whilst the first obvious signs of improvement will begin after just a few days, and 60 tablets will begin your recovery you will need to continue to take the product regularly (at least every other day) in order to ensure this irritating gland gets the required nutrients to keep it healthy.

This is why there are substantial discounts available to enable you to purchase more than 60 tablets so you can continue with the ongoing nutritional needs for your prostate gland.

An Un-Equalled & Un-Conditional Money Back Guarantee
No matter how much Prost-8 Supreme you order, if you do not get the improvements you anticipated within ONE YEAR we will refund all the monies you have paid for this product during the year.Had we not have been a successful supplier of this and many other ground-breaking products for some 20 years in the UK, we would not have been able to offer you such an incredible guarantee, nor would Dr Bladyne have endorsed the product or proffered his guarantee also.