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Question: Can I take Prost-8 Supreme with my other prostate medications?

Yes. And we recommend you work with your doctor to see if by adding Prost-8 Supreme to your regime you can reduce or eliminate the need for the prescriptive medications.

Question: I am taking other medications can I still take Prost-8 Supreme?

Yes. Men with conditions ranging from arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular problems to depression all use Prost-8 Supreme without adverse reaction because it contains only natural nutrients. Your own doctor should be able to confirm the safety of Prost-8 Supreme.

Question: How many tablets do I need to take each day?

This varies depending upon the severity of the condition - if it is severe and you get up more than three times a night start with two in morning and two in the evening with food. Once you get up only twice or less, reduce to one in the morning and one in the evening with food.

Question: How long does it take to work?

A reduction in symptoms will be noticed within three weeks (sometimes quicker), but a full normalizing of the prostate gland will take anything from six to sixteen weeks depending upon severity.

Question: What do I do after my symptoms have gone?

You should continue to take one to two tablets daily to keep feeding your prostate gland the nutrients it is not getting from your general diet, in order to keep it normal. If you do not over time you will regress and have the various symptoms re-occur.

Other Useful Tips...
- Improve bladder muscle tone…
A little known fact is that bladder muscle tissue can be strengthened by taking magnesium (citrate best form). This aids the ability of the bladder to fully empty

- Tonify bladder, liver, kidney and all major organs…
A product I use every six months is Golden Seal Root. It cleanses and stimulates all organs to work at optimum levels (a bit like renewing oil in a engine). Because it contains natural antiseptics it kills bacteria, germs and parasites not only in these organs but in the prostate too, assisting it to remain normal and healthy

- Prostatitis…
Whilst many people use Cranberry to help overcome the pain and stinging this condition can bring I find a combination of Golden Seal Root and Colloidal Silver works the fastest and is far more effective.

- Prostate Cancer…
Treatment for this condition varies greatly with the severity and duration. One of the first symptoms is pain in the lower back or pelvis. The PSA test is also an indicator but far from 100% reliable.

As well as changing ones diet to become more alkaline, products such as organic Selenium, Essiac, Vitamin B17 and Beres Drops have all helped, and in some cases cured this condition. These products can be found at