do you feel fatigued and tired a lot of the time?...

You are not alone. For many of us low energy states develop over a long period of time. You don’t notice the change on a day-to-day basis. 

The scary thing is that we actually lose the ability to distinguish between what is normal and not normal.

A good barometer for establishing whether you are lacking in energy is to look at various aspects of your life, such as sleep habits (are you sleeping more or less?), productive hours in your day (are you getting as much done as you used to?), how much exercise you are able to do, and what you do in your spare time (are you active or resting?).

The causes of fatigue are in fact often subclinical, meaning that there is a dysfunction in the person’s health but no condition that can be identified using the diagnostic criteria of mainstream medicine. 

The next point of call is often the integrative medicine or naturopathic practitioner, who is able to look at the person’s functional state to ascertain the nature of the fatigue.

These Are Some Of The Areas That May Be Investigated:
» Haematological studies to see if your blood is deficient in iron.
» Nutritional deficiencies caused by poor food choices.
» Past exposure to glandular fever, or other viruses such as HIV that may contribute to an immune deficiency.
» Adrenal and cortisol levels to check if there is adrenal fatigue (a very common state).
» Oxidative stress markers to check the state of the body’s cells and identify cells prematurely broken down by toxins or stress.
» The level of oxygen in the body: oxygen is necessary for energy production.
» The amount of adenosine triphosphate in the body.
» Thyroid studies to check for sub-clinical hypothyroidism (very common)
» Past traumatic incidents that may be unresolved.

Are Your Mitochondria Firing?
Mitochondria are tiny structures that occupy our cells. They are like miniscule batteries, providing energy for the entire body. In order for the mitochondria to fire, specific nutrients are required to produce energy at a sufficient rate.

When our bodies become deficient in these nutrients, or any of them are not available, our energy store runs out, leaving us feeling tired or, over a longer period, fatigued. In order to keep the mitochondria firing we need to feed them with the right stuff!

Another way to boost energy is to build lean muscle mass. By increasing muscle mass we directly increase the levels of mitochondria in our bodies. Not only does the increased muscle help us to burn energy, it also helps to convert unwanted fat stores to energy, leading to weight loss.

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