the '10 commandments' of supplement taking...

No 1: Take vitamins and minerals 15 minutes before or after a meal, or during it.

No 2: Take most of your supplements with your first meal of the day.

No 3: Don’t take B vitamins late at night if you have difficulty sleeping.

No 4: If you are taking extra minerals, especially calcium and magnesium, take them in the  evening - they help you to sleep.

No 5: If you are taking two or more multivitamins, B complex or vitamin C tablets, take one at each meal to maximise their utilisation.

No 6: Do not take individual B vitamins unless you are also taking a general B complex, perhaps in a multivitamin.

No 7: Do not take individual minerals unless you are also taking a general multi-mineral.

No 8: Always take at least 10 times as much omega-3 oils as omega-6.

No 9: If you know you are copper deficient, take copper but make sure you take it with 10 times as much zinc - for example 0.5 mg copper to 5 mg zinc - because too much copper will compete with zinc.

No 10: Take amino acid supplements on an empty stomach or with a carbohydrate food, e.g. a piece of fruit.

Change is never easy, and in fact our whole culture resists it. The food industry, the drug industry and even the medical industry profit from how we live right now. These secrets are practical ways to keep transforming your health at every level, and give guidance on how to build into your diet and lifestyle, the critical components that will keep you healthy for years to come.

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