emotional eating...

There are many reasons why people turn to food or comfort, including excessive discipline and criticism in our past which we have subconsciously internalised.

Before we look for the quickest diet and various marketing tools available to lose weight, we must first pay attention to our real needs and make sure we are happy, wholesome human beings. Dr Sandra Smit advises these tips:

Have a notepad ready in the kitchen and write down your feelings and motivation for eating. This simple exercise will break the habit of compulsive eating and will buy you the few extra minutes that enable your conscious mind to intervene. Next time you run for the fridge ask yourself:

A. How do I feel right now?
B. What is my reason for wanting to eat something?
C. Is the food I am about to consume really beneficial and nourishing to my body
D. Am I trying to substitute food for feeling hurt, frustrated, angry, disappointed or bored.

Then find ways to readdress and care for your emotional needs other than through eating. This might involve learning to express yourself clearly to others who might have caused your hurt or disappointment in that moment. 

By stating your needs and boundaries, and voicing when you feel hurt and angry, you will be taking a large step towards empowering yourself. It is by taking back our emotional and personal power (not ego or pride) that we feel strong and confident enough to break unwanted habits and addictions, including emotional eating.

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