ways to lift a lagging libido...

It is not unusual for men and women to lose some of their interest in sex because of sex hormone fluctuations as we age.

Men lose up to 2% of their libido-boosting testosterone every year as they approach age 40, and women’s oestrogen levels fluctuate as they head towards menopause. 

However, several studies suggest that both men and women with low levels of the testosterone precursor DHEA can improve sex drive by supplementing with 50-100mg of DHEA daily. Pregnenolone (a precursor of DHEA) can be more effective sometimes than DHEA as more of it bypasses the liver.

You can also eat two to three servings of sweet potatoes a week, because these root veggies contain the building blocks of DHEA. Losing weight - specifically a couple of centimetres off the waist - triggers a significant shift in hormone production that favours your libido and also improves blood flow down below.

Another fun thing we deal with as we age: bouts of depression that can put a damper on your sex drive! Studies show that the natural antidepressant SAMe at 600mg a day can help this, and most people find they have more energy and interest in sex after taking it.

You can also boost your sexual (and overall) energy with acetyl-L-carnitine (1000 to 2000mg a day). Since vitamin C is responsible for producing carnitine in the body, supplementing with 500-1000mg a day of vitamin C (or easier to digest ester-C) in conjunction with carnitine may increase the amino acids effects. 

Ginseng also ups your energy and reduces fatigue. Doses of 1000-2000mg a day have produced good results in clinical trials. 

Similarly Tribulus Terrestris has also shown to be very effective in studies as has Muira Puama. Take 500-1000 mg of either and as with most herbs you will need to take for 2-4 weeks before seeing good results.

Lastly, a healthy heart equals healthy sex. If you want to improve libido, do whatever it takes to lower your heart disease risk, and you will get your groove back. 

A heart-healthy diet will keep your ticker in top shape and improve blood flow to your sex organs.

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