how to eat yourself young...

A well-functioning digestive system is central to staying young. Your gut is your body’s engine room: food goes in, nutrients are extracted, and a neat little waste package exits the other end. 

When your gut becomes sluggish your liver, kidneys, bowels, lungs and skin are put under increased strain, causing an ageing environment in the body, and your gut doesn’t absorb nutrients, vitamins and minerals as well as it should. 

Your hair and nails get thinner and break; skin becomes dehydrated and loses tone; your eyes feel gritty, lose their whiteness and may become painful; cheeks sag; your weight may increase and energy levels fall. You will soon start to look and feel older.

A healthy gut allows nutrients to pass through its walls while blocking harmful debris. Because 70% of your immune system is located in the gut, if it is sluggish it can compromise immunity, meaning you are more likely to develop infections, and disorders such as food allergies, joint and muscle pain, arthritis, acne, eczema and intolerances.

You feel ‘unwell’ for no reason, stress levels rise, and the ageing process will accelerate. This is why eliminative slowdown is the most important ageing process to avoid.

If you experience the following your gut may be compromised:
» Bloating, belching, bad breath;
» Excessive flatulence (more than 15 times a day);
» Sharp abdominal pains, reflux heartburn, indigestion;
» Ulcerative colitis, IBS, diverticulitis, constipation, diarrhoea;

Secondary symptoms include acne, arthritis, body odour, chronic fatigue, colds, eczema, fine lines, migraine, headache, food allergies and psoriasis.

Get Going
To check your gut’s transit time take 5-10g charcoal two hours before eating and five hours before bed. Check how long it takes for your stool to come out black. The ideal time is 12-24 hours. Anything more and sluggish gut movement could cause toxic build-up. Anything less and nutrients are not being absorbed properly.

A healthy stool should look like a smooth banana with a point at one end, well hydrated and with no mucus on it. If yours looks like compacted balls stuck together it has been sitting in the colon for too long. 

And if it is difficult to expel you are probably constipated. Press on the inside of your left hip; your stool builds up in the colon here so discomfort/bloating/gas is often a sign of sluggish elimination. 

The gut lining renews itself every five days though, so improvement is possible – fast!

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