hormone therapy for the menopause and post-menopause...

Until July 2002, hormone therapy had been the standard therapy for treating menopausal symptoms. However in July 2002 a large, multi-tiered clinical trial reported that hormone therapy actually posed more health risks than benefits for most women. 

Concerns about hormone therapy stem from the results of both the combined oestrogen-progestin and the oestrogen-alone clinical trial. 

The study population consisted of older postmenopausal women – the average age was 63 at the start of the trial. For women taking the combination oestrogen-progestin used in the study, researchers found an increased risk of - Heart disease, Breast cancer, Stroke, Blood clots, and Dementia. 

For women taking oestrogen alone, preliminary results showed no increased risk of breast cancer or heart disease but did find a slightly increased risk of stroke. 

Also among the accumulated study results, combination hormone therapy did not provide a meaningful improvement in such quality-of-life measures as sleep, emotional health, general health, physical functioning and sexual satisfaction.

Researchers did note a few benefits, including a decreased risk of osteoporosis-related hip fractures and fewer instances of colorectal cancer. 

Note: it is unknown whether the study findings can be applied to younger postmenopausal women. 

Most experts now agree that hormone therapy is not the therapy of choice for disease prevention in healthy older women and many experts advocate natural Progesterone in preference to hormone therapies for long-term benefit. 

Short term hormone therapy might still be your treatment of choice if you have: Hot flushes, vaginal discomfort or Osteoporosis. Sometimes switching from an oestrogen pill to a patch may offer benefits, since the patch does not affect blood-clotting factors the way the pill can. If you opt for hormone therapy, take the lowest effective dose for the shortest amount of time needed to treat your symptoms. Alternatively if you desire a long-term solution without adverse health risk seriously consider Progesterone Cream.

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