new hope for failing hearts...

Research shows that a nutritional supplement may prolong the life of people with heart failure.

Heart failure is exactly as dire as the term suggests, with the heart unable to effectively pump blood around the body. This can damage various organs, including the heart itself – blood that isn’t pumped out starts to build up, can damage valves and lead to a heart attack or stroke, as well as causing numerous other complications such as water on the lungs. 

Heart failure can be caused by lifestyle-related factors, including a narrowing of the arteries or high blood pressure; heart defects that you are born with; or damage caused by, for example, infections, illnesses such as diabetes, or drug abuse. All of these factors make it difficult for the heart to pump blood, and over time the muscles become weak or stiff, leading to heart failure.

Although the functioning of the heart may be improved with medication or surgery, in many people, heart failure can’t be reversed. This means that treatment is aimed at improving symptoms and helping the affected person lives as long as possible with a failing heart. Better ways of achieving this are constantly being investigated, and now scientists have found that a common nutritional supplement may help people with heart failure live longer.

CoEnzyme Q10
A study presented at the recent Heart Failure Congress held in Portugal showed that supplementation with Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10 – 100mg three times daily) was associated with a significant reduction in heart failure-related hospitalisations and deaths over two years compared with a placebo. CoQ10 is a vitamin-like substance that has antioxidant properties and plays an important role in energy use by cells. It has been previously suggested that energy starvation of heart muscle cells plays an important role in the progression of heart failure. For this reason the researchers concluded that CoQ10 supplementation is extremely valuable to heart related problems.

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