excess protein - 'as bad as cigarettes'!...

Eating too much protein could be as dangerous for middle-aged people as smoking, a study has found. 

Research that tracked thousands of adults for about 20 years found that people who eat a diet rich in animal proteins are four times more likely to die of cancer than someone with a low-protein diet.

The risk is nearly as high as the danger of developing cancer by smoking 20 cigarettes a day. The US study found that people with a high-protein diet were 74% more likely to die of any cause within the study period than their low-protein counterparts.

They were also several times more likely to die of diabetes – somewhat oddly this trend appeared to reverse for those aged over 65 researchers found. 

Dr Gunter Kuhnle, a food nutrition scientist at the University of Reading, said “Though this study raises some interesting perspectives it is wrong, and potentially dangerous to compare the effects of smoking with the effect of meat and cheese.”

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