10 ways to better health...

1. Chew your food well and take time to nourish yourself. Eat a balanced diet of wholesome, natural food.

2. Drink one to two glasses of good water several times a day. First thing in the morning and about half an hour before meals are the best times.

3. Don’t eat too much food after nightfall, and definitely not much at all within two to three hours before you go to sleep.

4. Exercise regularly, finding a balance of strength, stretching and aerobic activities that will help you generate good tone, flexibility and endurance.

5. Sleep and rest well at least six to eight hours a night, as your body seems to require.

6. Learn to relax and let go of stressful thoughts and frustrating emotions.

7. Work at communicating thoughts and feelings clearly to your friends, co-workers and loved ones.

8. Really try not to say things out of anger when you have differences with another; remember that your words can hurt as much as your actions.

9. Keep your attitude UP and try to see the best in your work and your life. If things are not going well at work improve them.

10. Love yourself and let love into your life. Learn to express the wonderful feelings you have about everyone around you.

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