rda's and optimum health...

MYTH - If You Eat A Balanced Diet, You Get All The Vitamins and Minerals That Your Body Needs

You probably try to ensure you do not exceed the RDA’s (Recommended Daily Amounts) of Vitamin and Minerals as set down by the Government. But, you may be staggered to read the chance of your diet meeting the RDA requirements is negligible.

How are RDA’s established?
Think of life as a league table with health at the top and disease at the bottom. Should you start at the bottom, aiming to prevent obvious diseases caused by deficiency e.g. Scurvy (vitamin C), Beri-Beri (vitamin B1) or Pellagra (vitamin B5), or at the top?. Well the government has started at the bottom when setting RDA’s!!.

RDA’s have changed too
» In the 1960’s the RDA of vitamin C was 30mg
» In the 1980’s the RDA of vitamin C increased to 45mg
» In the 1990’s the RDA of vitamin C increased to 60mg

Why you may well ask? Because our body’s needs have not changed. NO, it is because the government advisors are changing their minds. To their credit, they are (very) slowly recognising the need not just to look at the bottom of the league table preventing basic disease but at optimising health. However, they have a long way to go to meet the views of respected Nutritional Consultants.

For Optimum Health you need Optimum Nutrition
You may be staggered to discover vitamin C for example the Optimum Daily Amount (ODA) is between 1000 and 3000mg a day! This is what a gorilla can eat in a tropical jungle from leaves, berries and fruit.

In our concrete jungle the average daily diet provides just 100mg and even if your diet is better than average - because you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables - you might just achieve 200mg! That is still a huge difference in relationship to the ODA and being at the top of the league table.

The conclusion is that if you want to stave off very basic disease then living by the RDA’s you can reach most of these by a good diet alone. However, if you want to retain optimum health and minimise the problems of degenerative diseases then you need to take food supplements to be at the top of the league.

To do this you need to take a good multivitamin supplement and / or specific formulations that offer these in conjunction with complementing one’s diet, in particular supplements such as concentrated Fruit & Vegetable extracts. Note: Very few people actually have a good enough diet - aggravated by mineral depletion - from the food they eat.

The choice is yours! but it is obvious, to meet many RDA’s you need to take supplements and for optimum health you most certainly have to.

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