colloidal silver - effective against 650+ diseases and viruses including mrsa and bird flu...

The healing properties of silver truly became evident during the bubonic plague. Whilst millions died a cruel and painful death, one segment of the population was virtually untouched: the “blue-blooded” ruling class.

Why? - Because their eating utensils were silver, as they used them their systems absorbed trace amounts of minute silver particles. During the years of the plague “blue-bloods” gave their children silver spoons to suck to prevent them catching the plague and is how the expression “Born with a silver spoon in the mouth” started.

Silver is considered so unique and effective in boosting the human immune system that we cannot ignore its benefits. Especially so as it may be our best weapon in fighting “super-bugs”, mutant viruses, chemical war-fare and other deadly plagues of the 21st century.

The modern development and use of silver
From 1900 to the beginning of the modern antibiotic era – circa 1940 – Silver was one of the mainstays of medical practice in Europe and America. 

Colloidal Silver became the choice of medical practitioners and was used to treat literally hundreds of ailments, including lung infections such as pneumonia, tuberculosis and pleurisy; sexual diseases such as gonorrhea and syphilis, skin conditions such as cuts, wounds, leg ulcers, eczema, impetigo and boils, infectious diseases such as Mediterranean fever, erysipelas, cystitis, typhus, typhoid fever, and tonsillitis, eye disorders such as dacryocystitis, corneal ulcers, conjunctivitis and blepharitis, and various forms of septicemia, including puerperal fever and peritonitis (and many more!). 

However, with the coming of the antibiotic era and because Colloidal Silver became increasingly expensive to manufacture, Silver rapidly fell into disuse, and the medical memory hole, and it was replaced first by sulfa drugs, then penicillin (post WWII), and since then by hundreds of specialised antibiotics (which drug companies made millions from because they could patent the drug but not the use of Silver).

However because more and more germ species previously controlled by antibiotics have now developed ways to combat antibiotics the use of silver has come full circle. The timely re-emergence of Colloidal Silver due to new technology and much reduced costs in production, may prove to be one of the best remedies we now have to protect ourselves. 

Silver can kill over 650 different disease organisms
Jim Powell reported in a Science Digest article (1978), that an antibiotic kills perhaps 7 different disease organisms, but Silver kills some 650+. 

Silver is unique among antimicrobial agents in its broad spectrum of action - it effectively kills germs of all major types: including gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, spore-forming bacteria, fungus/yeasts, viruses(including MSRA and Bird Flu) and protozoal parasites. 

What is colloidal silver?
Colloidal Silver is a tasteless, odourless, non-toxic, pure, natural substance consisting of sub-microscopic clusters of silver particles, suspended by a tiny electric charge placed on each particle, within a suitable liquid. High quality products ensure the molecule’s size is 0.001 micron in diameter (or less). 

At this size the particles do not settle, but remain suspended, since the electric charge exerts more force than gravity on each particle. Colloidal is the form of choice since the body must convert a crystalline solution to colloidal before it can be fully utilised in the body.

Who uses it & how fast does it work?
You can become a “blue – blood” within 7 days of taking colloidal silver and there is no other way that is so simple, so quick or so comprehensive in its protection. As the Journal of Preventative and Alternative Medicine reported (Vol 4, No 2). “Many of the world leaders, presidents, prime ministers, their families and advisers use colloidal silver daily. They know that they are exposed to extremely contagious disease on an almost daily basis. By taking colloidal silver daily, they can prevent the otherwise certain eventuality of contracting infectious diseases”.

It is also used on Russian Space Stations as well as by commercial airlines in their potable water supplies in order to sterilise their water during recycling.

It can be used externally too
A few drops of Colloidal Silver can be applied directly to cuts, sores, scrapes, fungal conditions, rashes, acne, eczema and other skin irritations, to help speed up recovery.

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