is toxicity the root cause of all disease?...

Modern medicine prides itself on its miracle, high tech, expensive treatments. But ever wonder why it seems so lost in the effort to keep people from getting sick and needing those therapies in the first place?

When it comes to preventive medicine, understanding how disease starts and the way to forestall it, conventional medicine mistakes results for causes, treating symptoms not underlying problems. So if you are in relatively good health and you want to stay that way, you need a more reasonable approach to wellness that helps your body stay clean of the number one cause of disease: toxins.

Ever visited a big city’s refuse dump on a hot summer day?  Just the smell can make you feel sick. Left on the street, refuse decomposes, providing a home for parasites, bacteria and other unsavoury organisms. Removing that rubbish from the streets makes a city habitable. 

Well, the same basic removal process goes on inside your body. Toxic waste – is constantly produced during normal processes like digestion and cellular respiration. Damaging chemicals and other pollutants continually need to be removed. Allowed to accumulate in tissues and organs, toxins make you sick, the same way a prolonged refuse collection strike makes a city smelly and unlivable. Similarly, researchers now believe the body’s continual exposure and accumulation of toxins, lies at the heart of disease and is the moving force behind illness.

For evidence of how well or poorly your body is coping with toxins, you have to look no farther than your skin. Is it clear and glowing with health? Or does it look mottled, wrinkled and incorporate a disturbing pallor? Looking at people’s skin you get a good idea if toxins are coming out or are slowed down. A lot of people don’t think of the skin as a detox organ but it is, it is the largest detox organ, although many parts of the body participate in the teamwork of toxin removal.

Toxins can enter one part of the body, the lungs, but cause eventual disease in another, such as the heart.  It can start when white blood cells detect these (toxins) and signal the body that ‘we have a problem’, which usually starts the inflammation process and ultimately disease. The large number of pollutants we encounter every day complicates our body’s toxin-elimination efforts. “We’re living in a toxic soup of polluted air, water, food and electromagnetic toxins. The foundation of what you should do (to defend yourself) is drink filtered water, eat organic food, use air filters, live around trees which are natural filters of the air.

Nutritionists advise that water is a crucial detoxification tool, saying “drink half your body weight in ounces of water every day (i.e. for every 60lb drink 1 litre). If you don’t give your kidneys enough water, they will suck it out of the material in your bowels. Your kidneys need the water to hold toxins in solution and get them out, however urine can only be so concentrated - without enough water, toxins are reabsorbed into the bloodstream. If your urine is cloudy or dark you have a major problem. If it is pale or clear you are drinking  sufficient water.

Even in a clean environment, the simple act of living is a sloppy business. Like workers at a city’s construction site, your cells are constantly tearing down and building up body parts. New tissue is formed and old ones disposed of. To feed this kind of activity, your cells absorb nutrients, produce energy, synthesise natural chemicals and throw off waste products. 

Just as demolition debris and lunch break leftovers at a construction site have to be disposed of, the body needs to rid itself of waste products and metabolic scraps. Otherwise, like a new building that has had refuse buried in its foundations, it rots from within. But if you help your body relieve its toxic burden, you increase your chances of having a clean bill of health.

There are many natural ways to support the removal of toxins from your body with particular attention being paid to water, antioxidants, fibre, essential fats, digestive enzymes and probiotics all of which help the body cope with its constant task of eradicating problematic toxins from the bowel, urinal tract and skin.

» Recommended Supplements: N-A-C, Absorbade, Krill Oil, Fish Oil, Probiotics, Blueberry.
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