what if there was something that prevented...

....Arthritis, osteoporosis, IBS, diabetes, digestion problems, cancer, heart disease, weight gain, high blood pressure, loss of sex drive, low sperm count, prostate problems, loss of vision, deafness, infertility, period pains, PMS, mood swings, depression and cravings for sweet & salty foods which have all been attributed to trace mineral imbalance or deficiency…would YOU take it?

Our sight, hearing, thinking, taste, moods, memory, circulation, digestion, heart, skin, bones, joints, muscles, immunity & movement all depend on the presence of trace minerals and other elements, in just the right proportions, throughout our entire bodies.

It’s impossible to over-estimate the importance of trace minerals to the human body because they are intimately involved in everything we do. EVERYTHING! Minerals are in every cell. They carry nerve impulses from your brain to every part of your body. Your entire electrical system depends on minerals.

Some of the health problems caused by trace mineral imbalance or deficiency:
» Anaemia                  
» Anorexia Nervosa   
» Appendicitis            
» Arteriosclerosis                   
» Breast Cancer                      
» Breathing Difficulties         
» Colon Cancer          
» Constipation            
» Crohn’s Disease                  
» Diverticulitis                       
» Epilepsy                  
» Fibromyalgia                       
» Fatigue                                
» Gallstones               
» Goiter                                  
» Gout                        
» Heavy Metals Poisoning     
» Haemorrhoids                     
» Hypercholesterolemia         
» Hypertension
» Hypothyroidism
» Infection
» Low Sperm Count
» Macular Degeneration
» Obesity
» Osteoarthritis
» Osteoporosis
» Ovarian Cancer                   
» Parkinson’s Disease
» Prostate Cancer
» Ulcerative Colitis
» Varicose Veins
» Wrinkles

As soon as they fall below certain levels or get out of balance, we quickly become ill. And, hundreds of scientific studies have also shown, many serious diseases are all caused by trace mineral deficiencies. Osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, impaired mental functions and arthritis are just a few of them.

We used to get all the minerals we need from fresh foods grown in mineral rich soils, but modern farming techniques and highly processed foods mean it’s difficult to get enough of them from today’s diets.

You might think the simple answer would be to take trace mineral supplements. But ‘man made’ ones just don’t work. Trace minerals have to be in a special form and in just the right ratios to keep everything working smoothly.

Ideally the trace minerals should contain the full spectrum of over 72 trace minerals and elements found in human blood plasma (and sea water).

If they’re not in perfect unison throughout your body, cells can’t renew themselves correctly, resulting in weakened bones, damaged joints, hardened arteries and organs that refuse to work properly. The net result? Disease & pain.

There is only one product from the Salt Lakes of Utah that meet’s all these requirements ...Concentrace.

Concentrace contains the full spectrum of over 72 trace minerals and elements and comes from Utah’s, Great Salt Lake – the world’s oldest inland sea and richest source of trace minerals on Earth.

As it has no outlets, trace minerals eroded from the surrounding mountains by rivers and streams have been ‘pooling’ in the lake for literally billions of years and are so fine they are incredibly easy for your body to absorb and use.

Because it’s so bio-available Concentrace really does you good, bringing much needed micronutrients, then cleansing, recharging and clearing waste materials from every cell in your body keeping them vibrant and healthy - if cells aren’t properly nourished, or become clogged with toxins they breakdown, resulting in cell abnormalities that trigger discomfort and ultimately, disease.

As a powerful preventative to a multitude of health problems especially heart disease and arthritis prevention Concentrace should become a permanent and essential part of your daily routine. Dr Linus Pauling (a double Nobel Prize Winner) emphatically stated: “Did You Know A Deficicency or Imbalance of Trace Minerals Cause More Unnecessary Pain and Suffering Than Any Other Nutrient Depletion?”

But you can’t just supplement with one mineral without causing imbalances in others. Too much calcium affects magnesium levels, too much zinc upsets the copper balance and so on. Each mineral regulates the others in a complex system of checks and balances. Also to be properly assimilated they must carry an electrical charge and be in the smallest form possible. The only place on earth that provides minerals and trace minerals in this form is The Great Salt Lake.

Not only are the minerals in the Lake’s waters in perfect ratios to one another they are also ‘ionic’ – positively charged and so fine they are actually ‘in solution’. This makes them ideal for the human body to absorb and use.

Concentrace also ensures the pH balance of your blood always remains slightly alkaline – pH7.45 to be precise. This is critical because diseases flourish when blood becomes acidic – especially cancers.

Diets high in processed and refined foods continually push the pH of our blood plasma from alkaline to acid.  When this happens blood thickens and loses its oxygen absorbing capacity depriving vital organs of oxygen.

Indeed, Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg, noted that tumours thrive in poorly oxygenated acidic environments, but do poorly or disappear altogether when blood is kept slightly alkaline.

Back in 1968 Dr George W Crane wrote a series of newspaper articles conveying the amazing health benefits people were gaining by drinking a small amount of sea water each day. Crane theorised the minerals and trace elements it contained played an essential role in maintaining human health.

Sea water isn’t just made up of water and salt, but contains all the elements that form the Earth – microscopic particles ground from the ocean floors and shorelines over millions of years.

Strangely enough, molecular biologists have never been able to recreate sea water from its individual components because of its sheer complexity. Could it be that sea water contains the secret to life itself?

It’s astonishing to realise human blood plasma is made up of the same basic balance of trace minerals found in sea water. In other words the human body still operates along similar lines pioneered by the earliest life forms.

As famed environmentalist Rachel Carsen put it in her book ‘The Sea Around Us’ – “Fish, amphibian, bird and mammal – each of us carries in our veins a salty stream, in which the elements (trace minerals) are combined in almost the same proportions as sea water”.

The fact that all living creatures, including you and I depend on the presence of trace minerals in just the right quantities throughout our bodies confirms they play a pivotal role in our health and that our bodies are based on a ‘blue print’ millions of years old.

Indeed Crane’s articles inspired Hartley Anderson to research the nutritional properties of The Great Salt Lake in northern Utah.

He had heard reports the American Indians who used to live near its shores had regularly consumed its exceptionally pure and concentrated waters because they found it greatly improved their health.

History records numerous bathing and retreat locations, where early settlers took the ‘Salt Lake Cure’. And they remain popular today. Anderson soon discovered the Great Salt Lake contained exactly the same trace minerals as sea water, but they were six to ten times more concentrated.

He and his friends began supplementing their diets with small amounts of purified Great Salt Lake water, and within a few days began to notice powerful results.

Just a few drops of Concentrace, two or three a times a day in water, tea or juice is all you need to re-create the perfect balance of trace minerals your body is designed to run on. The trace mineral molecules it contains are so microscopically small they are in ‘liquid solution’ making them ideal for your body to absorb and use.

The trouble with man-made mineral supplements is their ‘molecular’ size – they are all far too big to be absorbed into your blood stream and so pass straight through you without doing any good.

It Is Impossible To Over-estimate The Importance Of Trace Minerals To The Human Body
Did you realise that other nutrients like vitamins CAN’T FUNCTION UNLESS TRACE MINERALS ARE PRESENT? – Any supplements you may be taking will be completely wasted unless you already have the correct level of trace minerals in your blood stream – which is highly unlikely.

And trace minerals must be present in just the right ratios. You can’t increase your intake of one trace mineral without causing imbalances in others. That is why Concentrace is so effective – because it delivers the perfect balance of trace minerals your body is designed to run on, without causing imbalances in the trace minerals already present in your blood.

Images were taken using a high powered Nikon Opithat microscope with a Naessens condenser working at a magnification of x 15,000.

A blood sample was taken from a test subject and filmed. It showed clumping and stacking of their red blood cells. This condition, common in older, unhealthy or sick individuals, makes it much harder for blood to travel throughout every tiny capillary in the body delivering oxygen and clearing away toxic waste materials – greatly affecting a person’s overall health and energy levels.

The test subject was then asked to add a small amount of Concentrace to their diet each day for exactly one month.

28 DAYS LATER: the test subject gave another blood sample which was filmed in exactly the same way as the first one. Each red blood cell now floated freely and no longer stacked together.

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