chelogarde testimonials...

"I had X-rays that showed just how much plaque had built up in my Carotid artery in my neck. The consultant said it was severely clogged. After taking your chelation course for 6 months, I had a further X ray and the consultant was staggered to see that over 60% of the plaque had been removed. I cannot thank you enough for what is definitely a life–saving product. This is one preventative product I will continue to take for life."....Mr B. Hayden

"I cannot quite believe the change in my health in just 5 months. My poor lifestyle over the past 20 years had put me in a situation where I was out of breath in 5 minutes doing anything physical. If I could push myself to do any longer then I would find my legs especially would become swollen and painful. I was subsequently diagnosed with serious arterial clogging which the doctors said would have to involve surgery to fix. Having been sent a brochure on Chelogarde and waring of surgery I decided what the heck and went for the Intensive Treatment. 5 months on and having had recent tests again to confirm what surgery I would need, the doctor’s are astounded - my arteries are 80% clearer. What a miracle and what a product, I cannot recommend it enough!"....Mr A. Jenkins

A regular user of Chelogarde (oral chelation therapy) sent us his recent Arterial Analysis. A new test in America called the Arterial Stiffness Test (ASI) calculates the stiffness of the bronchial artery as pressure is released from a blood pressure cuff. It indicates the level of arterial plaque build up.

Anyhow, Alan Morris, 52, whose father died of a stroke aged 50 thought others should share his great news. As you can see from the graphs, his ASI was 33 and in a level of 0-80 is considered to show NO plaque build-up. Imagine how delighted he is!

He has found out it is now possible to get this test in the UK and you can get full details at It is a quick, painless test and a great indicator of the extent of any problems you may have