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Where’s the Proof EDTA Chelation Therapy is an Effective Approach For Reversing Arteriosclerosis?

In 1956 while Dr Norman Clarke was treating a battery worker in the USA for lead poisoning using EDTA, the patient noticed that his symptoms of angina disappeared.

Between 1956 and 1960 Dr Clarke and his colleagues treated 283 patients with EDTA ‘Chelation therapy’ – 87% showed improvements in their symptoms. Heart patients got better, angina disappeared or was significantly improved and patients with blocked arteries – particularly those with diabetes – avoided amputation.

Since the 1980’s numerous FDA-approved studies have demonstrated impressive results. In the 1980’s Dr’s Olszewer and Carter did a retrospective analysis of treatment results from 2,870 patients, with various chronic degenerative and age-       associated diseases that had tried Chelation Therapy.

They concluded that EDTA chelation therapy resulted in ‘marked’ improvement in 76.89% and ‘good’ improvement in 16.56% of patients with ischemic heart disease; also, ‘marked’ improvement in 91% and ‘good’ improvement in 7.6% of patients with peripheral vascular disease and intermittent claudication (limb weakness).

Within the patients who suffered with cerebrovascular and other degenerative cerebral diseases, 24% had ‘marked’ improvement, and 30% had ‘good’ improvement. Of four patients with the skin condition scleroderma, three had ‘marked’ improvement and one had ‘good’ improvement. 
Seventy five percent of all of the patients had ‘marked’ improvement in “geriatric symptomatology of vascular origin.

A recent review of the published data, by P M Kidd in 1999, found that Chelation therapy benefits cardiovascular symptoms in more than four out of five patients.

Hundreds of positive studies have been completed that show EDTA is a simple, effective approach to gradually reverse most forms of arteriosclerosis. It helps to detoxify and restore blood flow throughout the entire arterial system, eventually clearing the micro as well as the macro blood vessels.

As a result thousands of doctors mainly in America and Germany treat their patients with EDTA Chelation therapy are reporting some remarkable results

Why Isn’t main Stream Medicine Using EDTA Chelation therapy?

There are two main reasons:
1. The patent that was held on EDTA Chelation therapy expired in the sixties - there being no financial motivation for drug companies to fund further research as they could not then ‘re-patent’.

2. A surgical approach to Heart and Vessel disease is more financially lucrative.

You may say this is a cynics view, but isn’t profit often put before lives.