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The Heart Maintenance Manual
Coronary Heart Disease: No Need To Suffer

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About the Heart Maintenance Manual
In this 196 page book the well respected health writer Karen MacKenzie author of many health and other books, covers the in-depth subject of coronary heart disease. Coronary heart disease starts with a modern, polluted lifestyle. Processed food grown by intensive farming methods leads to a severe deficiency in essential nutrients. Pollution causes toxic overload and free radical proliferation, which adds to the stress our bodies suffer. Metabolic pathways become disrupted and the immune system dysfunctions, leaving us susceptible to infections and disease.

A poor diet contributes to a rise in homocysteine and uncontrolled free radical proliferation. These attack vulnerable cells, including those that line the arteries. Inflammatory responses send out chemical messengers that attract oxidised LDL cholesterol-laden cells, which are deposited in streaks, in and around the areas of damaged arterial tissue. Blood pressure rises and the body begins to show the first signs of atherosclerosis. This is the beginning of coronary heart disease and doctors have reported that these first signs have been found in schoolchildren.

The evidence that coronary heart disease is preventable is overwhelming. However, it is still the number one killer in the industrialised world. This book is a truly up-to-date work that features a comprehensive section of reference material to help you minimise your chances of getting this killer disease. Visit to obtain your free copy with your order.