how to remove plaque from over 40,000 miles of your primary and tertiary arteries...

Do Not be one of those that Dies Every 3 minutes from Heart Disease!

Hardening and narrowing of arteries with restriction of blood flow is an inevitability of life. However it does not have to be so severe that you suffer high blood pressure, angina, shortness of breath, restricted arterial flow, poor circulation, sexual dysfunction and other symptoms of blocked or constricted arteries.

There is a simple therapy that can now be done in the comfort of your own home to reduce these consequences of arteriosclerosis, that the American College for the Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) notes...
...“this therapy has been safely used and effectively utilised by physicians throughout the US and hundreds of thousands of patients have received demonstratable benefit from it. It consistently improves blood flow and relieves symptoms associated with the disease in greater than 80% of the patients treated”

It is called EDTA Chelation Therapy. EDTA (Ethylene-diamine-tetra-acetic acid) is an amino-acid like molecule that when slowly infused into the blood stream, chelates (or binds) with minerals such as calcium, copper, iron and lead and carries them to the kidneys where they are excreted. Removal of these minerals and plaque obviously has many health benefits from lowering blood pressure, improving blood (and also oxygen) flow, to improving arterial flexibility and overall nutrient transfer around the body...vital for health.

There are two types of Chelation Therapy: Intravenous and Oral
Intravenous is where most of the early published research has been carried out and has concentrated on determining optimum levels of EDTA - and Oral which has been developed subsequently by a group of practising doctors since the seventies. Intravenous is only offered by a handful of private clinics in the UK and costs upward of £2500. Oral chelation is slower in its rate of plaque and mineral removal, a lot cheaper, and without side effect, because the daily dosages are much lower.

Is EDTA Chelation safer than operations such as Angioplasty’s or Drugs?
Recent news has been particularly grim for advocates of invasive heart disease therapies, including angioplasty and bypass surgery. For instance, Dr W Boden published in the New England Journal of Medicine, a study tracking 920 heart attack patients for approximately 23 months Randomly divided into two groups, the patients were treated either surgically or non-invasively. He concluded...
...“Invasive strategy (patients) had worse clinical outcomes during the first year of follow-up. The number of patients (who died or had another heart attack) were significantly higher in the invasive-strategy group…” Boden concluded that: “Most patients with non-Q-wave myocardial infarction (a type of heart attack) do not benefit from routine, early invasive management…”

Others have similar findings: Dr T Preston wrote in MD magazine in 1995 that “fully half of the bypass operations performed in the United States are unnecessary… except in certain well-defined situations, bypass surgery does not save lives or prevent heart attacks...”ACAM developed EDTA chelation guidelines in 1973 and there have been no fatalities associated with the procedure.

“Intravenous chelation therapy is safe, and proven to be more than three times as safe as taking an aspirin, according to the biotoxicological tests performed on laboratory animals,” states Dr J Trowbridge. Indeed, the “LD-50” - a lethal dose for 50 percent of those taking it – of EDTA is calculated at 2,000 milligrams per kilogram (mg/kg) of body weight of a human being, while aspirin has an LD-50 of only 588 mg/kg.

Chelogarde for Oral Chelation Therapy
Chelogarde was developed by two founders of ACAM – Doctors, Carl Pffeifer and Abraham Chaplan, and has been successfully used for some 30 years.

Some typical results shown after 24 days of using Chelogarde:
- Over 300% increase in elimination of the heavy metal Arsenic.
- Over 200% increase in elimination of the heavy metal Cadmium.
- Over 100% increase in elimination of the heavy metal Lead.
- Over 220% increase in elimination of the heavy metal Mercury.

At the recommended dose of four capsules daily it has a combination of ingredients along with the EDTA that have helped thousands of people reduce or eliminate their arteriosclerosis problems. Benefits can be felt in as little as a month or less or it can take up to twelve months before significant benefit occurs in severe cases.