beres drops studies...

Interview: An Interview with Dr Jozsef Beres
Study 1: Use as an Adjunct Therapy in Children with Malignant Tumours
Study 2: The Mechanism of the Immuno-Modulating action of Beres Drops Plus
Study 3: Adjuvant use in Haematological Diseases
Study 4: Children with Downs
Study 5: Children with Mucoviscidosis (Cystic Fibrosis)
Study 6: Cystic Fibrosis Trial - Summarising Report
Study 7: Effect on Athletes under extreme Physical and Emotional Stress
Study 8: Effect on Healthy individuals
Study 9: Effect on patients with Gynaecological and Breast Cancer
Study 10: Effect on Patients with Hodgkin's Disease
Study 11: Effect on Patients with Malignant Gynaecological Tumours
Study 12: Influence of the trace element complex Beres
Study 13: Analgesic Effect
Study 14: Analgesic Effect II
Study 15: Using Beres Drops Plus for Gastric Ulcers
Study 16: Effect of trace element solution on radiosensitivity