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Article 1: Oral administration of a trace element preparation and zinc inhibit liver metastasis of 3LL-HH murine tumour cells.
Article 2: The Number of Glucocorticoid Receptors in Peripheral Human Lymphocytes is Elevated by a Zinc Containing Trace Element Solution
Article 3: A Trace Element Preparation Increases Anti-tumour Activity in Mice
Article 4: The Effect of Trace Elements on the Immune Response of Rate with Intact or Injured Immune System
Article 5: Effect of a Mineral Composition on Lipid Peroxide and Antioxidant Status of Healthy and Lipid Peroxide Loaded Rabbits
Article 6: Modulation of Certain Lymphocyte Functions by a Multi-Component Trace Element Preparation
Article 7: Novel Therapy in Immunodeficiencies and Cancer P.5.03.00 : Possibilities of Increasing Malignant Neoplasm Sensitivity to Radiotherapy by using a Concentrated Microelement Product
Article 8: Evaluation of a Complex Trace Element Composition Bio-Utilization in Dogs and Rats Using Isotope Techniques