absorbade testimonials...

“Absorbade is an unbelievably wonderful answer to stomach acid. I started taking the capsules, after suffering nausea, giddiness and long hours without sleep with prescribed drugs. I can now sleep until the morning without any symptoms at all. I have recommended Absorbade to all my friends - they have all said it’s taken away stomach discomfort after they had tried so many remedies.”...E.H. Scotland

“For the past 3 years I’ve suffered severe stomach problems. I been on a different type of medication every 3 months, nothing helped. I was also losing weight because I couldn’t keep my food down, with the pain becoming unbearable. I saw Absorbade and thought I would give it a try. I couldn’t believe it, I have found something that actually works. I can now eat whatever I want and enjoy it. The pain has stopped, it has changed my life completely and has given me more confidence in myself.”...L. A. Kent

“I like to follow a healthy eating plan which includes a great deal of fruit, vegetables and fibre. Unfortunately this creates bloating and IBS. Practically since I started Absorbade the bloating has disappeared and the IBS is minimal. I am gaining all the benefits from healthy eating without the bad side effects. I’ve tried many different remedies from Health Food stores to no avail.”...S.S. Cleveland

“I have suffered with mouth ulcers since my teens. They disappeared within 3 weeks! What’s more it solved a constipation problem (I thought I was normal only needing the loo once every 4-5 days). Finally and equally amazing, the arthritis in my right foot, a problem of some 10 years, has also gone within a few weeks of taking Absorbade. Simply Fantastic”...B.W. Kent

“I have suffered from IBS for four years with little relief, the worst symptom being intermittent diarrhoea. Whatever I ate made no difference. After only four days of taking two capsules a day, one before each meal I was feeling more energetic, and after one week the diarrhoea had abated totally. Now, after three months I cannot believe the difference it has made to my life.”...C.J. Staffs

“I was only twenty-two when I was diagnosed with a gastric ulcer and although it healed eventually, I have suffered terrible indigestion and  heartburn every day since. I decided to give Absorbade a try after reading an article about it. I took my first capsule before dinner and shortly after indigestion started to build up then suddenly it went. I couldn’t believe it. The difference Absorbade has made to my life is unbelievable I am so much healthier and happier.”...A.H. Cornwall

“Throughout my adult life, I have suffered from heartburn. About twenty years ago, I decided to see a doctor who diagnosed a Hiatus Hernia and prescribed Gaviscon and a bland diet. Seven years, a few gallons of Gaviscon and several hundred boring meals later. I tried Absorbade which is a blend of plant enzymes before a ‘take-away-curry’ and to my amazement found I did not need the milk I had on stand-by. Just 2 scoops of powder in water before eating and I am able to enjoy a nice (and spicy) meal and what’s more I can even have a glass of wine with it. Absorbade has certainly improved my social activities, thank goodness for a chance conversation in the office about heartburn. My life has been transformed.”...R.T. West Sussex.