Is Enzyme Deficiency Destroying Your Health & Body?

Dr Jesse Stoff (author of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, The Prostate Miracle, The Hidden Epidemic and others) often gets asked the question... “How is it possible that I am sick even though I eat organic foods and I am very careful with my diet?”

The answer tends to be the same each time ENZYME DEFICIENCY!

How is it possible to have illness even though one mainly eats organic foods and is careful with one’s diet? Hopefully I can convince you that it is often due to one cause - enzyme deficiency.

From conception to digestion, enzymes are involved in every process in the body. They digest our food...break it down...carry it through the walls of our intestines into the bloodstream, transport its nutrients to all muscles, cells, nerves, tissues and glands of the ensure the growth of new cells, tissue and bone. Is it any wonder deficiency leads to illness?

There are over 2700 different enzymes in the body which help our body grow, generate immune responses, repair damage, break down and digest our food, and even fight cancers. Enzymes working in tandem operate like a construction crew on a conveyor belt, A becomes B which is converted to C and D etc. The sum of all these enzymatic reactions is metabolism....i.e. life.

Our bodies contain millions of enzymes which continually maintain, protect and repair us. Most people however, have never heard about enzymes and are unaware of their importance in regulating and controlling our health.

People with these typical chronic diseases have a low reserve of Digestive Enzymes:
» Arthritis
» Irritable bowel syndrome
» Inflammation
» Ulcers
» Diarrhoea
» Constipation and wind
» Immune Disorders
» Food allergies
» Coeliac disease
» Leaky-gut syndrome
» Acid reflux/Heartburn
» Heart disease
» Varicose Veins
» Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

NO Enzymes = NO LIFE
Every activity in our body requires energy which comes from the activity of enzymes. Without sufficient enzyme energy cells become disorganised, resulting in many degenerative diseases.

There are only a couple of products I am aware of, that provide the full spectrum of requirements, and have been specifically tested for their effectiveness. The one I recommend the most in my books, and to my patients is Absorbade. 

Fast Action
In certain instances, such as those of you who suffer with acid reflux I guarantee you will see relief within 48 hours, and for most other symptoms within 4 weeks. You actually are what you truly digest (properly) not what you may eat as you can now understand.