discover why vitamins, supplements, herbs, prescription drugs and even 'healthy eating' will not cure your health problems...

Are You Suffering from 'Old Age' Problems caused by Enzyme Bankruptcy?

Are you sick and tired of complaining to your doctor about sore joints and muscles… poor memory… being out of breath… gas, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation and other digestive problems… low energy …allergies …itchy skin …poor circulation …and getting a handful of prescriptions for powerful – and even dangerous – drugs that really don’t work?

Here’s why you are still feeling sick!
The truth is: You can pop a handful of vitamins, supplements, herbs, or any other remedies to help relieve your pain but they simply won’t work… unless your body has optimal levels of essential enzymes to break down these nutrients to heal your body!

You are surprised aren’t you? – most people are! The sad truth is: If you are over 40 you probably have an enzyme deficiency that is  preventing your body from experiencing fast and long lasting health!

You are not getting old you are just running out of enzymes!
You doubtless have seen and possibly read about the wonders of vitamins, herbs and supplements, shamefully, enzymes which are the catalyst that makes EVERYTHING work in your body are seldom written about… can’t breathe, swallow, drink, eat of digest your foods without enzymes…
…you can’t build a new heart, brain, skin, bone or tissue cell or replace dying ones without enzymes…
...and your vitamins, supplements and herbs won’t work properly if they are not broken down by enzymes!

Indeed, people with these typical chronic diseases have a low reserve of Digestive Enzymes:
» Arthritis
» Irritable bowel syndrome
» Inflammation
» Ulcers
» Diarrhoea
» Constipation and wind
» Immune Disorders
» Food allergies
» Coeliac disease
» Leaky-gut syndrome
» Acid reflux/Heartburn
» Heart disease
» Varicose Veins
» Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

You have got more than 3,000 active enzymes at work in your body. And they combine with co-enzymes to form nearly 100,000 functions to keep you healthy and alive. That is why enzymes are absolutely VITAL for health and life!

As (with most things!) you get older, enzyme production slows down. In fact, some research claims your production of enzymes decreases about 13% with each passing decade. You need enzymes to keep your body at its optimum healthy level. In fact, without critical enzymes you are actually creating a potential health hazard. In order to increase your enzyme levels you must supplement with the essential ones.

Enter Absorbade - the first acid resistant, plant enzyme blend
Absorbade is unlike other enzyme products because it is blended by a secret process, to be stomach acid resistant. Developed some 20 years ago it contains 5 major enzymes from plants, to enable proper digestion of every food group including, fats, carbohydrates, protease, cellulose and dairy products.

What’s more, it has been tested at the prestigious Mayo Clinic and Roche Laboratories in the USA where it was found to increase nutrient absorption of Zinc, Selenium, Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamin B6 by up to 71%. These results were subsequently published and peer reviewed in 1993, proving the stomach acid resistance of this unique blend.