what the experts have to say about absorbade...

Joseph Weissman, M.D., is a board-certified allergist, board-certified immunologist, author of the best seller, Choose to Live, and a long-distance runner who has completed 56 marathons. “The extensive research and successful clinical tests of enzyme supplementation are certainly convincing proof that staying healthy may be relative to the amount of enzymes in our bodies. The best insurance for accomplishing that is taking a multi-enzyme plant formula.”

Dr. Hans Kugler, author of the  best-selling book, Slowing Down the Ageing Process, and editor of the medicinal journal, Preventive Medicine Update, reported: “Earlier in medical history, doctors knew some of the importance of enzymes in bodily functions but didn’t believe that the body could absorb them orally. Apparently, the unsophisticated testing techniques of that time misled them. With the technology we have today, tests show that there is no doubt that enzymes can be absorbed orally, and that enzymes can have a profound effect on preventing and relieving many afflictions.”

Dr. Howell, a pioneer of food-enzyme research states...“The more lavishly a young body gives up its enzymes, the sooner the state of enzyme poverty, or old age is reached”. He says “I’ve seen with my own eyes…how people over 40 can experience a resurrection of health – when they STOP taking remedies or drugs that MASK their health problems – and START experiencing real relief when they focus on the root source of the problem – and so many times that begins with enzyme supplementation”.

“I was born with  various digestive problems and until I discovered Absorbade nothing helped. A friend gave me some after a heavy thanksgiving meal when I felt awfully bloated. Within 3 minutes of taking it my discomfort dispersed and I have been taking it ever since.”
...Richard A. Passwater, Ph.D., Biochemist - Director of Nutrition, Solgar Supplements.

“If you are looking for a new approach to better health, don’t neglect enzymes. No amount of vitamins and minerals can do their work...special enzymes capable of working in an acid alkaline medium are required. Absorbade is effective in this treatment.”...Dr. James B. Summer, Nobel Prize Winner, Prof. Biochemistry Cornell University, Author of The Secrets of Life Enzymes

“Absorbade routinely does what I wanted other digestive enzymes to do for my clients: decrease indigestion improve digestion and improve absorption of nutrients, thus all the benefits of decreasing the load and providing irritation on the GI tract and increasing tissue nutrient levels.”...Dr. Ray W. Bayley D.C., Nutritionist.

Former Fordham University Professor of Medicine, Dr. Max Wolf, reported that tests on 347 patients with circulatory disorders showed 87% either completely free or almost free of any symptoms after taking enzyme supplements.

German scientist, Dr. Karl Maehder, reported that a multicentre study of 216 patients suffering from various vein disorders were given enzymes. Their typical problems noted were eodema and serious varicose veins. Ninety-four percent either completely recovered or had significant improvement.